My name is Carin Roessler, and I have worked to help people become healthy with homeopathy since 2000, for more than 15 years.


Since 1980, before becoming a homeopath, I worked as a counsellor and psycho-therapist; in Sweden, in India and in Canada. The many years experience of working with people, of all ages, suffering from a variety of ailments, (mental, emotional and physical), coming from different cultures and circumstances,  gives me a good understanding of ‘the human condition’ and a solid base on which to practice homeopathy.




Counsellor and Psychotherapist


Socionom -   Umeå University, Sweden

BA Hons Psychology, and 

MSW  -   Carleton University, Canada


Additional advanced education and courses:


CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

DBT Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Individual therapy

Couple, and family-therapy

Child therapy, incl. play therapy


Counselling for addictions 

Grief counselling

Trauma and 

Crisis intervention


I have 30 years experience working as a counsellor and psychotherapist, with adults and children, in a variety of settings, i.e. hospitals, schools, out reach, in medical clinics, and in private practice; in Sweden, India and in Canada. 



Classical Homeopath


It was in 1994 that my interest for homeopathy awakened, when I for the first time witnessed how homeopathy can have a healing effect of a serious medical condition, even though conventional medicine had no effect, or had nothing to offer. 

After being a skeptic, I then started to study basic medicine (anatomy, physiology and pathology) and classical homeopathy.


- I want to add that I am NOT against conventional medicine! I believe that, of course, there is a definite need for both conventional medicine as well as homeopathy. 


Homeopathic practitioner 

- Graduated after 3 years at TSHM (Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicin) a degree in classical homeopathy, and in basic medicine (anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical work).


HMC Homeopathic Master Clinician 

-  Louis Klein’s  2 years advanced course in classical homeopathy, 


Continuous education at International seminars with experienced and well known homeopaths, such as: 

Misha Norland (England), Jan Scholten, Alize Timmerman, Holland; 

Louis Klein, Canada; Rajan Sankaran, Farouk Masters, India; 

Paul Herscu, Will Taylor, USA.


I am a Classical Homeopath. 

This means that I prescribe small doses of only one homeopathic remedy at a time, which supports the body’s own healing capabilities. I have been in private practice in Ottawa Canada, since September 2000.


I have recently returned to my country of origin, Sweden, and now have a private practice, in Stockholm and in Dalvik/Falun for: Classical Homeopathy and Psychotherapy


Registered Classical Homeopath in Canada (CSH)

Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist (OSWSSW)


Auktoriserad Klassisk Homeopat (KHY)

Auktoriserad Socionom (SSR)


I continue of course to see some of my patients from Canada, and other places around the world, now mostly over Skype.


I am a member of: 



    •    CSH Canadian Society of Homeopaths

    •    ANN  Association of Naturopaths

    •    OASW Ontario Association of Social Workers

    •    OCSWSSW  Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service workers



    •    KHY  Klassiska Homeopaters Yrkesförbund

    •    ECCH  European Central Council of Homeopaths

    •    SSR Sveriges Socionomers Riksförbund



© Carin Roessler



+46 76-285 38 80



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